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Fit and Falls Proof

Fit and Fall Proof (FFP) is an exercise-based program to prevent falls. It assists older adults to improve muscle strength, while increasing balance, posture and flexibility. It also improves mobility, endurance and walking gait.


Class leader Helen Franklin has been with the program since Weiser launched the program in 2009.


“Every session I am so pleased with not only the number of community members taking advantage of this opportunity, but also the improvements I see in those that attend weekly, Franklin shared. The FFP curriculum was developed by professors from Boise State University and the College of Southern Idaho. Exercise classes are led by trained volunteer instructors who focus on functional fitness that can reduce the risk of falling and help older adults maintain their independence.”




For meeting times and information, please call (208) 549-0370. Dates & times may not reflect actual class times.


9 a.m.–10 a.m.


LOCATION: Vendome Events Center,

                    309 State Street, Weiser


This is an exercise-based program to prevent falls. It assists older adults to:

• Improve muscle strength

• Increase balance, posture and flexibility

• Improve mobiltiy, endurance and walking gait

“Before I started Fit & Fall Proof, my balance was so bad that I could not stand on one foot. My wrist was so weak and painful that I could not open a jar. Now after completing this class and practicing the exercises at home I am able to stand on one foot with good balance. My wrist has improved so much I can open jars now without pain. I really enjoyed the class and plan to continue next session.”


~ Nancy, Weiser